Become A Member

2017 Membership Guide Brochure

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of the North Manchester Chamber of Commerce means that you are committed to our community and our collective goal to see it grow and prosper.

Consumers are…

  • 44% more likely to think favorably about a Chamber member business than a business which is not a member of the Chamber
  • 57% more likely to think positive of its local reputation
  • 63% more likely to shop with that business in the future

Some of your member benefits include:

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Unique Advertising Opportunities
  • Professional Development
  • Shop Local Programs – Chamber Bucks
  • Business Forums
  • Office Referrals For Your Business


It means…

That as a member of the North Manchester Chamber of Commerce, you will benefit from a variety of opportunities

  • Business contacts through membership meetings, activities, referrals, and directories.
  • Promotion of business through directories, sales promotions, newsletters, the World Wide Web and awards.
  • Business training through seminars, programs, and Leadership Development.
  • Being connected to a Chamber that daily seeks to draw people to North Manchester through events and promotion, increasing the traffic into your place of business

Fair Share Dues System

# of Employees Basic Level Presidential I Presidential II Presidential III
1-15 $215 $380 $975 $1,950
16-60 $280 $520 $1,300 $2,600
61-200 $345 $650 $1,625 $3,250
200+ $410 $780 $1,950 $3,900

Note: An Associate Level is available at $75 for individuals, churches, service clubs, farm businesses, or non-profit orgranizations with up to 3 full-time employees. 

Contact us at 260.982.7644 or by email at

Email  for more information. Our dues are very reasonable, and we are confident you will find value in partnering with us.