Casinos have special magic on many people. Nowhere are joy and financial disaster as close together as in the arcade. It is not for nothing that there are lots of myths of joys and sorrows around the halls.

Five most common myths about casinos

Myth 1: Cheating casino machines

In addition to the one-armed bandits, online slots like 우리카지노 have also increasingly dominated the picture in casinos for some years. The allegation: online slots are operated by malicious software and take players out of their money. But the all-clear has been given. The software is subject to strict controls that are carried out directly by the manufacturer. Manipulation by the casinos in order to enrich themselves maliciously from the money of their customers is therefore not possible. And when you gamble online, for example, casino games on Vegas Hero, you are on the safe side.

Myth 2: Extra oxygen is pumped into casino halls

Myth number 2 says that extra oxygen is pumped into the casino halls to avoid drowsiness. The energy level of the gamblers should be kept constant so that they can keep their money in the casino. But that is a mistake! While removing clocks and missing windows in casinos may have a specific purpose, it does not affect the amount of oxygen in the air. So you can take a deep breath!

Myth 3: Low odds on slot machines

Slot machines are often said to have a lower chance of winning a game on them. Conspiracy theorists consider them unfair because they are considered “faked” and work even more randomly than a card game. But that’s not true. As with many other games of chance, the possibility of winning is just as much a possibility as of losing. Here the right tactic is the way to the goal.

Myth 4: Losses lead to gains

Unfortunately, no. The probability of winning this time just because you lost in the previous five rounds is rather small. Mathematics and statistics show that. The chances of winning are usually even smaller. If only for the reason that the main prize can be very high.

Myth 5: Addicted from the first game

Similar to alcohol and the like, users can also become addicted to gambling. But whether or not you fall into the game depends largely on a good dose of common sense and your own self-control. Set a certain amount in advance that you want to gamble away and do not exceed it even if you lose.