918kiss is one of the go-to casino platforms for online slot games among slot players in several South East Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. The online casino website offers a variety of thrilling online slot games that players would definitely love and enjoy. Moreover, with its impressive and easy-to-navigate user interface, players are provided a superb overall gaming experience.

918kiss is one of the many web-based casinos in the online gambling industry wherein these gaming activities are played remotely through the use internet as well as a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. The revenue generated by the market includes those from online sports betting sites, bingo, poker games, lotteries, and more.

The Global Online Gambling Market

The size of the online gambling market is expected to grow to 66.7 billion US dollars in 2020 from 58.9 billion US dollars in 2019 with a 13.2% growth rate. This growth is primarily due to the coronavirus that has affected many nations and billions of people causing lockdowns and a huge number of the population to be confined in their homes to avoid and prevent it. This brought about “free time” for them to engage in several past time and recreational activities, which includes online slot games at online casino platforms. By 2023, the market size of online gambling is therefore projected to have an 11.64% CAGR and reach about 92.9 billion US dollars.

The increasing and continuous use of mobile devices, particularly smartphones, together with the bettered accessibility to the internet are major factors that propel the market of online gambling. At a global scale, the average utilization of mobile devices is considerably larger as compared to other devices like laptops and desktop computers.

Increase In Internet Users Drives the Online Gambling Market

Mobile users in majority of countries make up approximately 80% of the entire users in the industry of online gambling.  As per a research on Rub90 portal, the portion of gamblers who choose to make use of smartphones to engage in gambling saw an increase between the years 2012 and 2018 by 117%. This considerable growth could be credited to the availability as well as accessibility of smartphones with web-based gambling applications together with the improved speed mobile internet. When an individual wishes to participate in gambling activities such as casino games like slot games or sports betting, they don’t have to be in a computer shop or an internet café to do so. Rather, smartphones allow them to conveniently access such gambling platforms 24/7 and pretty much any place. Cisco’s yearly report shows that the total number of users of the internet at a global scale by 2023 is expected to increase to 5.3 billion from 3.9 billion in the year 2018, driving up the market of online gambling.