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Since casinos have expanded into the digital space, numerous technologies as well as mobile gaming and gambling apps have targeted users who have not displayed any interest, attraction or fascination in real-world betting or gambling.

online gambling drives economic growthMobile Gambling and Economic Growth

This migration into the online space has had a positive effect on the global economy. Analysis reveal that there would be a steady growth for land-based casinos as well as the quick development of digital outlets.

As per report by, the years 2018 to 2022 is predicted to deliver an increase of 5.9% in the compound annual growth rate which would see about 565 US billion dollars in total revenue at the end of the given period.

Aspects that Drive Increase in Economic Growth

What about the aspects that drive this increase? Among the most popular aspects that contribute to this growth dynamics are rising urbanization, increased flow of mobile gaming and gambling apps users, and new female users who make more investment in online services. In particular, Virtual Reality (VR) gambling remain to be the most assuring segment of growth in sports betting, casinos as well as lotteries.

How does the mobile gambling market impact the economy? In 2018, data show that mobile online transactions linked to betting and gambling grew 95%. Looking at it through a global standpoint, half of the revenue that goes into the industry of gaming is credited to mobile games wherein casino products are part of it as well since a lot of people get to take great delight in the convenience and ease of downloading and playing mobile online games that incorporate a genuine casino experience, from poker tables to slot machines and of course the payout.

Online gambling and gaming have roped in and continues to draw in millions of players across the world. With a steady increase of players and mobile transactions, the global economy will surely see more growth in the years to come.