Gambling: This applies to future online sports betting.

Germans lose 13 billion euros annually in gambling, including sports betting. What used to be done illegally or in the gray area is now given a legal framework, a national treaty on gambling. Who will benefit from it?

Legalization by State Treaty

Most online sports betting was not legal until recently. Online casinos are banned on the internet. According to the 2012 State Convention, sports betting will be approved by 20 providers in the pilot phase, but legal action has been taken against this award. Therefore, the first license was issued only in October 2020.

Countries did not agree to ban online gambling. Schleswig-Holstein allowed online gambling alone. Other federal states remained banned from the Internet. Second, the provider relied on European law to offer online casinos and sports betting on the internet. In most cases, a license from Malta is required. For years, the court claimed that the ban was not enforced. $ 1 billion business in the gray area. Now, the countries have finally agreed. On July 1st, a new state treaty on gambling will be signed.

What does the contract offer?

Online gambling and live betting like for example poker or poker ace (포커에이스), are permitted, but there is a monthly deposit limit of € 1,000 between providers. All providers need to subscribe to the OASIS player lock file. Also, regarding sports betting, the promotion of active athletes and officers is prohibited.

Who manages this?

Gambling supervision is still distributed throughout the federal states. For sports betting, there are Darmstadt regional councils nationwide. The new law now provides for the creation of a central German game surveillance system in Halle, Saxony-Anhalt. From July 1, 2021, payment limits between providers will be checked, and from January 1, 2011, authorities will take over full game supervision across Germany.

13 out of 16 countries had to agree for the new National Treaty on Gambling to come into effect on 1 July. Voting in Saxony-Anhalt was particularly awaited. Without this approval, the contract would have been terminated immediately as a new supervisor would be set up. This approval has long been at stake and the SPD had to fight headwinds. In the end, she voted for her contract.