Employment opportunities in India have been increasing at a rapid rate in recent months, since hiring activities have even surpassed the pre-pandemic levels. In August, white collar jobs in India have seen a strong recovery, as the growth rate recorded during the month was at 89%. It can be surmised that at the height of the unemployment crisis in the country, the newer generations of Indian rummy players came to realize that playing rummy online is not a viable alternative to regular employment.

Rummy Gaming Skills Aid in the Development of Real Life Skills

Rummy is largely considered as a game of skills that aids in the development of one’s ability to make quick sound decisions, especially when the odds of winning are stacked against a player.

The COVID-19 crisis for one, put to a test the decision making skills of the country’s leaders, particularly in implementing calls for full lockdowns that could have curbed the spread of the coronavirus infections throughout the country. .

However, as the turns of events in India have it, lockdowns and quarantining measures were haphazardly implemented, which resulted in the second wave of pandemic outbreak. In fact the second wave was more serious than the first as it brought about the development of the Delta Variant that also spread in many countries.

In May 2021, business leaders and health experts called for Prime Minister Modi to impose and enforce a full national lockdowns. Hospital and health care systems in many parts of India have been overwhelmed by the growing number of infection cases and deaths. It was no use keeping the economy running if it only meant worsening the COVID-19 health crisis occurring in the country.

In rummy games, lockdowns are analogous to dropping from a round before taking one’s first turn. A drop is actually a gaming strategy but taken only after analyzing that the dealt cards have little chances of surviving the card-melding competition in every round.

When to Drop from a Round of Rummy

Dropping from a round is actually a strategy, but should be taken only if one knows the conditions that call for the use of this technique as a gaming strategy. Once the dealt cards have been arranged and the purview is poor in terms of potentials for forming at least two valid sequences (one of which should be pure, or without utilizing a Joker), dropping is the best way to get out of bad hand dilemma.

Drop from the round if none of the 13-card hand formed a pure sequence, and at the same time does not include a Joker.

While having a pure sequence is important, not having a Joker to help in forming another sequence also increases the odds of winning from the card-melding race, especially if competing against highly-skilled rummy players.

Dropping in the middle of the game is also possible but depending on the rules and the penalty points preset before the rummy sessions started. Bear in mind that holding an assortment of high value cards like 10, Jack, Queen and King can put one’s scoring position at a disadvantage. While it would be best for a player to discard such cards early in the game, doing so also sends a signal that the player who did so, is still struggling to form a valid sequence. Dropping to keep the cards hidden will make it difficult for other players to discard and to complete high scoring matches.

While these are mere pointers to consider before deciding to drop from a round, a player’s observation and ability to analyze the applicable conditions are the best gauge in arriving at a decision

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