Systematically earning money and getting rich with sports betting is the dream of almost every sports fan who opens an account with an online bookmaker for the first time in his life. No wonder, because the way sports betting works is known to support and promote this dream.

Sports betting beginner mistakes

Bet without mathematical basics

Before placing a sports bet, you should always calculate the probability that a bet will potentially come up. The advertised odds of the bookmaker of your choice can be used to calculate whether there is a positive expected value. Beginning mistake number one is either not to do the calculation at all or, contrary to better knowledge, to play bets that are associated with a negative expected value.

Leave the bet to chance

If there is a positive expected value, it does not mean that you should invest your half bankroll.

If you leave the bet to chance and do not pay any attention to staking, then you will go bankrupt with the first streak of bad luck that strikes you. Long-term profit is therefore also categorically excluded.

Only use the classic 3-way system

Many tipsters play their sports betting especially against the background that it should bring more excitement to the experience during the game. If you have a tip on the underdog, you can finally cheer for it before the favorite moves away, and vice versa. This is exactly why you will usually only find the odds for the classic 3-way system in the program of every sports betting provider such as link sbobet com.

Only be active with one provider

You should know that it will be difficult to be successful in the long term and systematically earn money if you are only active with one bookie. Why this is so is obvious: every bookmaker has different strengths.

Other mistakes of sports betting beginners

  • Play too many combination bets
  • Start with exceptions
  • Losing sight of the goal

Last, but not least, it is always a long-term goal to systematically earn money with sports betting or gambling. Getting rich in the short term is simply impossible with serious gaming.