Did you know that the king of sports betting is football?  There are many reasons that make football the best betting sport. Football is played around the world all year round and features a variety of games just like bandarq online where different games are offered. National soccer leagues offer a large selection of bets and there are also national cup competitions, friendly matches, the Champions League, the Europa League, and more. In addition, major tournaments take place for national teams on a regular basis, such as the European Championship, the African Cup of Nations, the Copa América, and the World Cup.

How to Bet on Football

In soccer betting, the most common type of bet is the outcome bet. Result bets are easy. You bet on the outcome of a specific game in which you bet on the home team to win, on a draw, or on the away team to win.

Double chance

“Double Chance” is another popular type of bet in which you bet on two different results for one game. This provides you the chance not only to bet on a draw but to win at the same time. This is the perfect bet for players looking to take some risk off. The odds are of course lower than outcome bets, but the odds of your bet are significantly higher.

3-way bet

Another popular choice in soccer is handicap betting or known as a 3-way bet. Handicap bets are usually associated with goal differences between two teams, which give the selected team a hypothetical benefit or drawback before the start of the game. Another form of handicap betting is the Asian Handicap. There are two choices in Asian handicap betting. It differs from regular handicap betting in that you have the option of bet on half and quarter values ​​and that it is usually possible to include other types of bets such as total goals.

Speaking of the total number of goals, this is another popular form of soccer bet where you bet on the number of goals scored in a game. In over/under bets, a bet is made as to whether the number of goals scored is above or below a specified value.