To many people across the globe, Samsung is the Asian company behind one of the leading brands of smartphones and high-tech appliances in the market today. Although Samsung is also not largely known as a South Korean company, we discovered that for many SoKor citizens, Samsung and its affiliated businesses are their lifeline toward a more comfortable life.

Hardworking Samsung employees do not have to look far for a comfortable place to live in because there are affordable, fully-furnished Samsung apartments available to them as housing benefits. Some even call their community as the Republic of Samsung because here, the company provides nearly every basic need, which the younger set of employees described as benefits enjoyed from cradle to grave.

Many who were born to families of long-term Samsung employees were delivered in a Samsung-owned medical facility, raised in homes fully equipped with Samsung appliances and gadgets. They’ve spent many memorable childhood vacations in Everland, Korea’s largest theme park and resort owned by Samsung. It’s also common that the next generation will attend college at Sungkyunkwan University, a Samsung-affiliated educational institution where future Samsung employees will receive their higher level education.

Generally, most Koreans aspire to become a Samsung employee not only because of the benefit of having a well-paying steady job, but also of the exclusive rates afforded to them. Offered through the Employee Purchase Program, Samsung makes it possible for their employees to expand the buying power of their salaries by entitling them to exclusive rates; not only on Samsung products but also on automobiles, personal loans, legal services, and even pet insurance.

After all, Samsung’s business holdings extend to various affiliated South Korean companies, which when combined with the major Samsung Electronics business, account for about 15% of South Korea’s total economy. While the company started out 80 years ago as a simple trading firm, it benefitted from the Republic of Korea’s thrust toward revolutionizing the country’s businesses with advanced technologies.

Samsung, a Major Sports Benefactor of SoKor Sports Teams

Another important contribution that has made Samsung an important business entity in the ROK, is it’s commitment to sponsoring various professional and amateur sports organizations.

One of the ROK government’s goal is to make the country’s national sports teams a source of national pride — to one day be recognized as the best not only in Asia but throughout the world. Samsung’s funding support of sports teams and active membership in nearly every local and international sports organizations have made it possible for South Korean sports teams to participate successfully in Olympic Games and World Cup Championship Games.

Does Samsung Support Sports Betting?

Now if anybody wonders whether Samsung also supports sports betting, a simple answer to that is its Samsung TV Plus, which was initially launched in July 2020 in the U.S. Its multi-channel network includes free access to SportGrid, a leading provider of real-time sports betting data to millions of Americans currently enjoying their newfound freedom to engage in sports betting.

In April 2021, Samsung rolled out Samsung TV Plus in South Korea, but promoting the gadget as a Samsung-compatible Smart TV that offers 37 channels, streaming various exclusive programs, TV series and movies, without mention of the SportsGrid streaming and sports wagering services.

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