Baccarat or punto banco belongs to the oldest games in casinos. This is a good game for fun gambling either on-site or online. Meanwhile, this card game is very deceiving as it seems hard to play, yet it is an easy one.

The game Baccarat is played in various casinos around the world including 카지노사이트. Baccarat is an elegant casino game as well and the casino game that you have the best chance at winning. Most gamblers who enjoy the thrill around the table are those high rollers. This makes some amateur gamblers scared off. 

Baccarat is also an intriguing game of cards as it is the preferred gambing game of James Bond.

Meanwhile, this card game is not limited to VIPs and high rollers. There are versions that offer lower-stakes Baccarat such as those on online and live casinos. Yet, players who progress to the Baccarat tables will be granted with games that have a small house edge. 

Baccarat’s Basic Gameplay

Before you dig into the Baccarat table, here are important points that you need to know regarding the said card game.

Hand value

The image cards like the kings, queens, jacks have a 0 value. Also, the card number 10 does have 0 value as well. However, the aces are equivalent to a value of 1.

Table properties

The tables at a Baccarat game are somehow different based on the type of casino. Casinos that are larger like the Caesars cater bigger tables. It can accommodate up to 14 players. There is also the mini baccarat which is just an eight-seater table and probably has lower limits.


The hand is dealing on the side of the player.


The hand is dealing with the house.


The betting method in which they have to bet that both the player and banker have the same hands.

The gameplay

Usually, this card game begins with those seating at the table. They make bets on the player, banker, or both which means a tie. Moreover, the dealer will have to deal with a hand for the player and banker.

Baccarat’s main game objective is to have a value as near to 9 as possible. It is “natural” once two-card hands have values equivalent to 9. A card of 10 and a card of 9 would also be under the “natural” as the 10 do not have any value or it is 0 and 9 sum up for a perfect value. 

Furthermore, no one can go beyond a total value of 9. And any excess may simply drop off the 10. For example, a card of 8 and 5 which is equivalent to 13. The 10 would be dropped off resulting in a value of 3.

When all the hands have been dealt with, the hand with natural 9 would win and the bets will be collected and be paid through the dealer. In case no hand has a value of 9, the next best hand to win is those that have an 8. If there are two hands with values of 8 and 9, that would fall on a tie and neither wins.