The image of the casinos in the metropolises and health resorts of this world has deepened in your mind. In the golden days, there was nothing swankier than losing your money in style at the roulette table. Accordingly, the profession of croupier was considered the epitome of work among the rich and famous. A good croupier never suffered from existential fears, because there would never be a lack of high earners who were enthusiastic about gambling.

The professional lucky charm – dream job croupier

A croupier organizes the game operations and ensures that roulette, blackjack and the like run correctly. Just a few decades ago, people consider this job an absolute dream job. A job in a glamorous atmosphere, entertaining, never boring and tips to the hilt. Those who met the requirements never seemed to have to fear for their income.

The requirements are anything but simple. Behind the laid-back professionalism is a permanent concentration at the highest level and incessant multitasking that should remain invisible to the guests. People who work for no deposit bonus not on gamstop need permanent concentration as these are offered online.

Other job descriptions in casinos

Reception and reception staff take care of greeting and orientation of the guests. Her duties include looking after the cloakroom, parking cars and providing guests with an all-around service. The service staff in front of and behind the bar are just as customer-oriented. They mix cocktails, keep the room tidy and fulfil the wishes of the guests. Young people with training in the hotel and catering trades are particularly in demand deposit bonus not on gamstop

Casinos hire security guards either directly or through a staffing company. The usual requirements, such as an impeccable certificate of good conduct and the industry-standard certificate of expertise also apply here.

You can find surveillance personnel behind the scenes. These are usually employees with training in the security sector who also have technical qualifications. They control the gaming processes in the casino with the latest monitoring technology and report immediately if there is a suspicion of manipulation.

If the casino has a large slot machine section, there will also be employees dedicated to slot machines only. The so-called machine service specialists monitor the games on the machines, payout larger winnings or change money. They ensure that the amusement machines work perfectly. Some casinos offer a two-year training course specifically for this.

Cashiers should love handling cash because it’s their entire shift. They change tokens and cash and keep the cash balance in order.

Cash desk supervisors operate one level higher. The designations can vary. They keep track of the transactions at the casino and are responsible for the settlement of money transactions.