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More and more countries around the world are moving to take online casinos such as Indonesia’s QQSlot out of their legal grey area. Clear legal regulations are intended to improve player protection on the one hand and to ensure fair competition on the other. In addition, online casinos now have a major impact on the economies of different countries. Through tax revenues and special levies, they make an important contribution to the economic prosperity of a country. In Switzerland, the Money Gaming Act has ensured that the Confederation and the cantons earn money from online casinos. In addition, casino tourism ensures that the money flows into the coffers. Last but not least, online casinos are now important employers.

Online casinos are on the rise worldwide

The number of online casinos is increasing worldwide. On the one hand, this is due to the growing demand: people appreciate the convenience and advantages that online casinos have to offer. On the other hand, online casinos have economic significance. They make a major contribution to the state revenues of various countries and create new jobs through a wide range of offers.

For this reason, many countries are taking online casinos out of illegality or the existing grey areas. In Switzerland, for example, the Money Gaming Act has ensured that there are no clear rules of the game and a code of conduct when using online casinos. On the one hand, this means improved protection for the players and, on the other hand, increasing revenues for the Confederation and the cantons.

Casinos generate considerable revenues

The new range of online casinos is well received by users. You visit various casinos to have a good time and, of course, ideally win some money. In such a casino, for example, they can participate in slots, table games, and card games or try their hand at the live casino. Online casinos attract with various bonus payments and special conditions, which are especially interesting for new customers. The deposits and withdrawals are uncomplicated and customer service is available for questions or problems.

Many players are interested in not being dependent on their home PC or laptop when using online casinos. That’s why there are more and more mobile casinos that offer a varied gaming experience. Some work with an app, others can use offers completely without an app.


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The Confederation and the cantons earn from the casino levy

The Swiss Casino Act ensures that the Confederation participates in the revenues of online casinos. In addition, the law stipulates that the funds collected do not remain with the Confederation alone, but are passed on in part to the cantons. They can use these for a variety of tasks. As a rule, the online casinos have to pay levies of 40%-80% of the gross player’s earnings. However, tips are excluded from the gross player income.

How much the state currently earns through online casinos cannot be said with absolute certainty. Already in 2006, the gross gaming revenue amounted to 233.9 million Swiss francs (CHF). Compared to the previous year, this corresponded to a growth of 12.4%. Since then, online casinos have been earning more and more. In 2019, the gross gaming revenue was already CHF 767 million. It can be assumed that this development will continue and that sales and revenues will continue in the coming years.

Casino tourism is important for Switzerland

Switzerland benefits from so-called casino tourism in both the online and offline sectors. Many people come to Switzerland specifically to visit a casino here and to enjoy the atmosphere of traditional casinos. In addition to day tourists who only make a day trip to a casino, many travelers are also here for a long time. Internationally, the casino in Monaco in particular benefits from this casino tourism.

Through online casinos, Switzerland is now also gaining notoriety and popularity on the Internet. Users all over the world have the opportunity to use Swiss online casinos and put their luck to the test. Switzerland is specifically trying to win over providers who have a unique selling point. This makes it particularly interesting for players to use the Swiss offers. The increasing numbers of Switzerland’s online casinos show that casino tourism is also important in the digital world.

Additional tax revenue from casinos

In addition to the casino levy, other funds enter the state treasury through online casinos. This is partly because casinos are defined as legal entities from a legal point of view. Accordingly, they are obliged to carry out equity taxation and to pay profit tax. While the profit tax is levied at the federal level, among other things, the capital tax only applies at the municipal and cantonal levels.

Online casinos are important for employers

Online casinos are now important employers in Switzerland. Especially in the IT area, it must be ensured that everything runs smoothly. Players only like to come to an online casino if the loading times are short and they can participate in the individual games without any problems. This is especially true if an online casino provides a live offer. Accordingly, sufficient employees must be provided to control, maintain and, if necessary, repair the technology of the online casino.

However, there are still jobs in many other areas in online casinos. For example, player protection must be ensured and unauthorized persons must be prevented from gaining access to personal data. In addition, only those online casinos that operate efficient marketing are successful. Consequently, professional professionals are needed to develop, plan and implement marketing campaigns. Due to this high demand, online casinos are increasingly becoming important employers and thus have a positive influence on the Swiss economy.