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In 2016, the worldwide social casino market was estimated at $3.81 billion. Today, due to the worldwide mobile usage and technology leverage, online casino gaming, and particularly online slots, are becoming extremely popular.

In this article, we’ll concentrate on social online slots and not gambling experiences.

You play for fun and knowledge only.

If there’s no reward, what makes social online casino slots so popular? Keep reading to search out out the solution.

Online slots are extremely captivating despite being a really simple game. They fully replicate the normal slots machines apart from the actual fact that these are online slots. And like all online computer games, they need their own advantages and downsides.

How people think, feel, and behave are what casino architects and designers study very closely. A lot of dollars are being invested in learning about human psychology, but more importantly, the psychology of a gambler or an adventurer. Having that knowledge, people are willing to pay for long hours and are available back for more after they are done as casino owners are able to create an environment.

However, like music, design, style, and atmosphere can not be simply transferred to online slots, which are what works within the actual casino. Nevertheless, what continues to be unchanged is one core element. Which is that the process.

It’s the anticipation that matters. The instant of awaiting the reward while the reels are spinning is what makes it addictive.

90% of the gambling experience is in anticipation

In the online world, the principle is that the same.

Apart from the method, what makes slots so entertaining and great is also the gaming elements and features.

The masters that make people come for more are literally the sport designers who implement a range of techniques, triggers, and approaches to form people stay within the game for extended and spend more cash to induce any competitive advantage within the virtual machine.

Every one of these levels, bonuses, awards, sounds, animations, sharing buttons, and leaderboards are there for a reason, which you may quickly realize if you study game design closely. Making any social online game so addicting and captivating, these are all the basics. However, they’re very easy to play for any user, which truly makes both traditional and online social slots so awesome.

Slots are easy to be told and play

The anatomy of an internet machine is pretty simple:

  • Random Number Generator (RNG)
  • Multiple reels and “paylines”
  • Fancy symbols with animations
  • A few screens with a score or balance
  • And a button

A machine doesn’t require any brain activity, planning, or strategy. You merely hit the spin button and expect the reward. Lost? Hit again. The victory is within the next spin, huh?


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Online slot machines are appealing and relevant

Usually, to different demographics, ages, cultures, and interests within a particular region, online slots are very thematic which makes them relevant and appealing.

The variety of genres is endless, however, it’s exactly what makes the net player play their favorite thematic slots and relate.

The emotional reference to a favorite lead, game, or interest is what gets people excited once they play something that’s near them in any way.

What makes them incredibly engaging is the social factor of online slots

With the first adoption of mobile phones that are connected to the network 24/7, people spend a good portion of their lives communicating via mobiles on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels. They exchange experiences, compete, challenge one another in games, and do a plethora of other activities that help them confine touch with their friends.

Casino experts have found that a good portion of senior gamblers doesn’t play for money only. Valuing the experience and communication are the bulk of casino players.

When it involves online slot gaming, possibilities for social interactions become endless. Implementing a classification system, leaderboard, or maybe a conversation helps to spice up a user’s LTV significantly.

People want to compete, create alliances, organize clubs, and be driven by identical missions and interests, just like in any RPG game. If the competition system is realized wisely, it exposes the full new world for users to realize competitive advantage making different portions of donations to spice up their scores and stats.

Online slots offer various rewards and engagements

Another reason why online slots like Fruit Shop Megaways slot are so popular and addictive is that they provide an entire sort of reward and bonuses. Different win screens, payouts within the kind of coins, experiences, etc., help to have interaction people.

The reward system relies on instant gratification which makes a player’s brain release dopamine and keeps them playing for the following win.

Some of the main online slots rewards include:

  • Free spins, multipliers, wild and scatter symbols
  • Bonuses for social media shares (Refer-a-friend)
  • Multipliers for real cash deposits
  • Mobile bonuses
  • Reload Bonuses
  • Loyalty points
  • Leaderboards, VIP ladders

Making people start playing, make them bait, and check out to not lose hold of the sport for as long as possible is what the whole system is predicated on.


Because they are doing not require lots of brain work, an online slot game is one of all those games that provide an awfully engaging and relaxing experience. The full process boils all the way down to hitting the button and watching the reels spin. What makes online slots so captivating is the perfect design with the simplicity of the sport and room for communication.