While gambling in Indonesia is prohibited by Islamic laws, non-Muslims who dare gamble at online casinos become targets of scammers posing as legit casinos. Although most Indonesian gamblers discriminate by choosing to play only in licensed gaming sites, there is always the possibility that some unscrupulous operators whose licenses have expired or revoked, continue to operate online.


Checking out the validity of license claims is one way to prove the legitimacy of an online gambling website. Yet there are other signs and indications to take note of when choosing an online casino. One of the fastest methods of finding out if a purported licensed online casino is still operating legitimately, is to checkout the latest list of blacklisted online gambling establishments. Gambling regulators often release a list of real-money gaming operators whose licenses have been revoked, mainly due to non-compliance with regulatory requirements.

Foreigh-based or offshore providers of real-money casino games also make certain that their products and services are being used only by trustworthy individuals. Mainly because they want to avoid getting entangled with criminal organizations that use online casinos in carrying out illicit activities like money laundering, or as coverup for illegal money transfers.

How Legitimate Remote Gambling Operators Run Their Online Casinos in Southeast Asia

Nowadays, online casino players in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, use mobile gambling applications. One thing that first time players of real-money slots online should keep in mind is that legitimate online casinos grant access to their real-money games only to those whose identities have been verified. Usually, the mobile application can be downloaded from the online casino website, or the website of an authorized agent and by first filling up the membership registration form.

After which, a customer service personnel will then perform the required ID verification procedures and request payment for the initial deposit. Once everything is in order, the customer service in-charge, will provide the new member with a password to use when accessing a member’s preferred segment, i.e casino table games and slot online, sports betting or live casinos.

Some Red Flags to Take Note of When Gambling Online

All online casinos give a promise of providing only the best gaming experience. Still, some may still prove to be not worth the time and money spent on online gambling, to which there are red flags or danger signs to take note of.

Be wary of casinos who are slow to release payouts on winnings because it’s either the operator is not keen on giving money back, or does not have enough funds to give back.

Have awareness of predatory practices that make use of promotional events that do not actually reward players with real money prizes. Some unscrupulous operators give rewards by way of bonus credits that come with a condition that winners can withdraw winnings only after they have wagered a certain sum of money.

Consider it time to leave if a casino does not follow the terms and conditions, or tend to change the rules to their advantage.

Have awareness of what other mobile casino members are experiencing by joining related forum sites. Heed warnings by taking a break from the online casino, and wait for developments on how the operator addressed the complaints and grievances raised by other members. In most cases, online casinos in deep financial trouble will try to stall but eventually, they end up shutting down without giving notice.